Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Yellow water drops

Grandma's garden

New Orleans

Carmelo Ristorante (2008) 
The Cyclist (2008)
The broken brickwork (2008)
Preparing for Rain (2008)

The Bridge to Equality

The Bridge over troubled waters (2008) Selma Alabama

Up from the damp ground

The Missing Bit (2008) Baldwin County, Alabama

Blooming colors

Seasons of flame

A forested walk

Untitled (2008) Baldwin County, Alabama

From a walk in the woods

Untitled (2008) Blakely State Park, Baldwin County, Alabama

The World Up Close

The Tree Ear (2008) Baldwin County, Alabama
Dragonfly (2008)

Southern Park

The Star Design (2008) --- Grandma's garden, Baldwin County, Alabama --- This photo was a gift to my grandmother before she passed away. Flowers were always her favorite and was the inspiration for much of what I photographed this summer.
Floating Magnolia Leaf (2008) Baldwin County, Alabama --- I found this clinging to a spider web in the Blakley State Park.

Dragonfly on Cattail (2008) Mobile Bay, Alabama 


Brandon and Leo (2008) Baldwin County, Alabama --- This was taken at an event for my grandmother who recently passed away. My uncle Leo and his son Brandon have an incredible mastery of stringed instruments and its always a joy to hear them play.


Yukon (2008) Anne Arundel County, Maryland --- This was taken while I was on a photoshoot for the Grammy nominated Celtic band "The Rogues'" album "American Highlander."

While the final album cover was a compilation of photos I had taken, this was a great stand alone that should the reflective nature of the subject and his love of the open road.