Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Inspiring Conversations

Just as the website settles into being, I am already re-inventing the look of things to come. While I have stacks of drawings and half completed paintings and inked illustrations, I feel a distinct draw to something ... more.

I reached a point recently where something had to give as I bent my natural strokes to conform to more realistic images. Granted, much of this was to enable me to express a thought and invoke a likeness in my own style, yet it seem to venture much further from my direction than I felt comfortable pursuing, so those images have been confined into the desk, awaiting resurrection at a later point.

Thus, as I began another journey with an scant portfolio and a morgue emptied of past inspirational elements, I also began a material journey, traveling to the Gulf Coast of Alabama for a recent visit with family and the origins of my development as an artist - and there, inspired by an afternoon at LuLu's on the Homeport Marina, a slice of key lime pie and the image of an old Caribbean sailor, I found something to sink my teeth into. Since, I've been finding images rather readily, including one inspired by the novela, "The Secret of Ron Mor Skerry," wherein the son of a Selkie riding in his cradle boat is surrounded by elements of sea life, and a very important piece I will be starting with a co-creator.

I recently reconnected with a cousin who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and our conversations converged on an image she had in mind to illustrate the Hell of 2005 on New Orleans, and soon, we will be colaberating on a large scale project together to convey her thoughts on that devistating event.

Now if I can only get everything put up for sale as planned ...

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