Thursday, 11 February 2010

Oran Na Maighdeann-Mhara

Trying to keep working while getting used to the joys and demands of a new baby have left my blogging with something to be desired, but I was finally able to take a moment to upload some new works as you can see below.
I am also beginning a new series based on mermaids throughout literature. I initially gathers about 2 dozen reference, from traditional Irish tunes to a poem by Emily Dickenson, but I have eventually narrowed that to about 16 solid illustration. The Series "ORAN NA MAIGHDEANN-MHARA" have at this point all been sketched, and the initial ink lines drawn, so now there are months of color to fill in, so I'm expecting to be done by the time we move back to Maryland this summer.
I've also accepted some paid work creating a band logo and another illustration for a company, so who knows - I might make a career of this yet.
Go Raibh Maigh Agat,

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