Monday, 16 April 2012

MARDI GRAS MAMBO and ME AND WHISKEY illustrations completed

 The MARDI GRAS MAMBO illustration titled "Brass and Indians" for a collaboration with German artist Hardy C L Lochfrass for Klaus Weiland's upcoming LIVE IM MIKADO album. It is filled with awesomeness and I feel honored to be working with Klaus and Hardy on this project.

 A little detail from "Brass and Indians" just for Chela, of Medieval Moccasins.
 The Voodoo Queen detail
 The lyrics of the song are written through the bonnets of the Mardi Gras Indians and ...
 ... on the body of the gold painted Voodoo Queen.
 ME AND WHISKEY illustration for Klaus Weiland's LIVE IM MIKADO album.
 The drunkards face detail for ME AND WHISKEY.
 The Dragon detail. The design is drawn from an old Irish drawing of some controversy according to its meaning, but a few changes and it seemed the perfect illustration for man's struggle with himself and the repercussions of his decisions.

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