Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Art Project House

The new house has become an art project in itself, but its all about creating beauty in the world isn't it?
Within the labor of demoing ancient carpets and linolium and subfloors to reveal the wood floors beneath, compounded with stripping varnish from dark woodwork, we have had hours of discussion on the best space for studios for both Heather and I, and the kids for that matter.

Five days after our move-in day, we've made some colour choices for the foyer, living room, and dining room, and decided to make the was-going-to-be studio downstairs with a library, computer and movie projector. The small galley kitchen is remaining in place, though I was hoping to make it my personal studio, but in a better option, I will be working alongside Heather in the upstairs studio.

Soon there will be an additional messy-craft space in the basement, along with a quiet art space for Liam in the attic. Along with that are plans for an outdoor art table so I can create in the garden, and an pottery kiln, thanks to our friends Lisa and Charlie.

Hope to have project pictures up soon!

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