Monday, 3 October 2011

Rough Preview of Current Works

 Nead an Pighíead - The pigeon's nest, if I remember correctly. I have a little Gaeilge, but very little
 An Colm Ar An Ngeata - The Pigeon on the Gate
 Is tú mo Ghra - Its you I love, from Colm O'Snodaigh's album GIVINGS, and possibly my favorite song ever
 Barra Taoide - High Tide, inspired by the Mícheál Ua Ciarmhaic poetry book of the same name
 An Grian Ract
 Ruelaj - Seduction, from a Roma traditional tune
 Graide og an le agugá - Bibouac of the Dead
 An Sheachtad nara Cnuichidh - Snow on the Hill
 An Lion faoi blat - The flax in bloom
 An Geangan glas - the green branch
 An Sean Mhointean - The Old Bog Ground - Inspired by the Iron Age Bog Man of Ireland, found in County Offaly
 The Prayer of Origen

 Rinnce An Leanbh - Dance the Baby

 The Scholar - Scholaire
 Caoineadh - Lament
 Bradan Beo - The Quick Salmon, from a poem by Mícheál Ua Ciarmhaic
 Seoithín - Hush
 Mo Muirnin Sa Codhladh - My Darling Asleep
 Gligín Airgead - Silver Bells, from a compilation of stories. Ancient Druidic Bards were given branches ornate with silver bells as a symbol of respect. Then in the 1970s, bells were placed around the necks of Irish school children who were caught using their Gaeilge.
 Deoc Dlenna - Draft of Ale
 Trasna na Tonnta - Over the waves
 An Callín Deas Donn - The pretty brown girl
 An Sean Duine Sugach - The Jolly Old Man
 Ronan Og - young Ronan
 Cumann Na Gaoideaige - The Gaelic Club
 Amuig ar an Fairge - Out on the Sea
 An Taoi Seách Luinge - The Sea Captain
 Caint Na BhFaoileann - Speech to the Seagull, from the same titled poem by Mícheál Ua Ciarmhaic
 Baintreabhach an Lasgaire - The Fisherman's Widow
 Athas do lá is bláth ar chrann - Joy for the day and the flower of the tree This phrase came from a small sketchbook I keep where I will write down turns of phrase and lines of poems that interest me, but I unfortunately didn't record what the source of this was, and haven't located it ... yet.
 Lus na Gaioighe - Plant of the Wind (Wood Anemone)
 Blat nah Oige - In the Bloom of Youth
 Fear as Conamara - The man from Connemara
 Celeis - The Sorrow
 Kyrie Eleison - Lord Have Mercy, from an ancient Liturgical song
Gort an Tobair - Spring Garden

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