Thursday, 6 October 2011

Maybe I'll get in the habit of this

 Mo leabaidh deán suas Ri fuaim na h-atair eachd áird - In my bed lay me down to the sea's lofty roar This is an illustration for Easkey Britton, a world traveling, awe inspiring Irish surfer and a fellow barer of my daughter's name, though we went with the Gaeilge Iascí. Note the surf boards against the house.
 Winter begins to waken the sea's great roaring wave - inspired by "The Hag of Béara." An ancient Irish poem.
Since I've managed twice in a week to post rough previews of my work, from my illustration desk as it were, I thought it only fair to give a wider view of where I do my work these days, though everything is in traveling trays and the board comes up so I can take it all out to the garden for inspiration.

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